About Y(E)P

Y(E)P is a service with the objective of encouraging entrepreneurship and in the Cairns and surrounding region.

We aim to inspire, educate, and connect future entrepreneurs to help them start or build sustainable and rewarding self employment.

Our passion is young, unemployed people, however, our services are available to anyone who would benefit from working with us, or from attending our events.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are supported by Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Self Employment, an Australian Government initiative. The aim of the initiative is to encourage people to consider self employment as a career.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are located in areas of high youth unemployment.

Their role is complemented by:

If you would like information about programs and resources available under the initiative please visit employment.gov.au or call 1300 488 064.

What services does the Y(E)P provide?

The Y(E)P provides services that empower people with ideas to become entrepreneurs or self employed. We provide services that can help entrepreneurs overcome barriers to business growth or sustainability. Services provided to individual entrepreneurs may be different to services provided to other entrepreneurs.

Y(E)P provides a range of services and activities that can help aspiring entrepreneurs overcome entrepreneurial barriers. On initial contact, the entrepreneurship facilitator will assess the entrepreneur’s strengths and their business idea, and work with the client to determine the wants and needs of the clients, and how best to overcome barriers.

In some cases business advisory services will be provided, in others, the client might need mentoring or coaching. Other clients may benefit from being referred to other services and/or programs

The Y(E)P provides one-on-one services including weekly small group workshops with local experts.

We help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs overcome common entrepreneurial problems.

The entrepreneurship facilitator is also available for inspirational talks at schools, community or business groups.

Who is eligible for services?

YOU! Everyone who might benefit from services are eligible to receive assistance free-of-charge. At this stage, our individual services do not have any eligibility criteria and therefore we currently accept all referrals and self-referrals for people who would like some assistance in overcoming entrepreneurial barriers.

Our primary target market is young people who are not in employment or full-time study. Our secondary target markets are those who are unemployed, those who are Indigenous Australians, and/or those who are at risk of unemployment.

Our activities (workshops, networking events, webinars and resources) are available to all people who feel their career or business would benefit from them.

What do services cost?

All services provided by the Y(E)P are funded by the Federal Government, Department of Employment until June 2022. Therefore, they are free to clients and participants.

Services are provided with value-for-money and return-on-investment as drivers.