Kate Montgomery

Kate Montgomery has experience in stakeholder engagement, project management, event design and management, collaboration, and operations management.

As an entrepreneur herself, Kate’s experience as a founder provides connections along with experience in fundraising, operational management, financial management, grant management and human resources management. Kate has expertise relevant to the Cairns entrepreneurship community, specifically in tourism and event industries.


As an enthusiastic 22-year-old, equipped with my freshly printed Masters degree, experience and a passion to change the world, never in my wildest dreams did I expect that I would not find a job in my hometown, Cairns.

I applied for every job advertised, door knocked, networked and volunteered. All the so called “right” doors opened for me, except one with a salary attached. I was devastated and never once thought that my passion to help Indigenous Australians improve their health, may not be realised. 


Lesley Van Staveren began her career within recruitment and business development then transitioned to working within the plastic industry for ten years. This included co-founding the first recycled manufacturing facility in Far North Queensland.

Lesley is an advocate for the growth of women in manufacturing, driving the development of this in the industry to provide a stronger local economy. She also provides regional entrepreneurship mentoring support, helping local business owners and founders achieve more through their business, with Y(E)P Cairns.


Brody Oxenham helps business owners strengthen their brand and generate more leads, through his agency Manexo Media. However, he values giving back locally, and dedicates part of his week to helping small businesses, soloproneurs or startups get their head around marketing through Y(E)P Cairns & Y(E)P Ipswich.

His background in marketing includes graduating at JCU Cairns with a degree in Marketing & Economics, working as a digital marketing coordinator for Cairns Airport & Mackay Airport, and being part of the committee for the Cairns Young Chamber. 



I still have my appointment diaries with my gold stars along the way when I achieved…

  Paid my rent
4 clients in a week

  Paid my expenses
12 clients in a week

  Paid wage = QLD Health
20 clients a week

  Paid for a receptionist
30 clients a week

  Another staff member
75 clients a week

  Maximum capacity
120 clients per week


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