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Launch FNQ is an entrepreneur-centred incubator and accelerator of tech-startups and scaleups. We partner and collaborate with Local, State, National and Global individuals and groups to help tech-based businesses succeed from Far North Queensland

Launch FNQ is supported by the Australian Government Incubator Support Initiative and co-contribution from collaborators in various projects that make up the program.

 YEP Cairns, an entrepreneur-centred and entrepreneur-led organisation will offer Launch FNQ Incubate and Launch FNQ Accelerate programs to tech-startups and founders in Far North Queensland along with activation and tech-specific projects to complement their current offerings.

The Launch FNQ Incubate program aims to help early-stage founders, and those with an idea for a tech business to launch their product with support of weekly mentoring and group coaching sessions.

Launch FNQ Accelerate (Feb 2021) will assist 16 high-growth organisations to scale through customer acquisition, new market entry and/or investment resulting in a demo day at The Cairns Innovation Festival in 2021.

YEP Cairns offers services to the broader entrepreneurship community including workshops, entrepreneurship mentoring, specialist mentoring,and networking events.

The Launch FNQ program will be supported by projects and activities that promote the introduction of innovation, imagination and technology into solving problems that are worth solving.

Founder 2 founder series

The Founder 2 Founder series is a series of informal events with in-person and virtual entrepreneurs sharing their journey, tips, and strategies to become a successful high-growth technology startup.

The event will provide you with the opportunity to practice pitching your startup, ask questions in a safe environment, and connect with other tech entrepreneurs in regional Queensland.

The event follows Chatham House rules where information is shared and able to be used by participants but not repeated. Therefore, these events are not recorded. We welcome current and aspiring founders and employees of regional startups.



Join us for our silicon reef monthly social event! Meet and chat with other like-minded tech start-ups in the FNQ region. Join us for our silicon reef monthly social event! Meet and chat with other like-minded tech start-ups in the FNQ region. 

These networking events are designed to help FNQ tech start-ups connect and grow together with a bit of fun!  


Are you full of bright ideas? Join us at the 2021 Big Fish Weekend and learn how to turn your ideas into reality!

Bringing together 50 budding entrepreneurs from our region, aged 13 – 18, for 2 days of intensive and fun learning through doing. You’ll be guided through the creative entrepreneurship process.

You WILL start a new enterprise in two days!

On day one, bright ideas will be brainstormed, and you will form teams. On day two, you will discover how to turn ideas into real business ventures.

Two days of fun and experimental workshops, inspiring mentors and good food, all culminating in a final Pitch event with special guest judges.

All participants will walk away with new skills, industry and peer connections, future career insights and inspiration. No prior knowledge of start-ups or entrepreneurship needed, just a great attitude.



The Launch FNQ incubate program is a 7 week, intensive program, helping tech-founders learn the appropriate skills to scale their business and find market viability.

The program is entrepreneur-centred and is therefore not curriculum based. It would work complementary to a curriculum based incubator or pre-accelerator program such as Y Combinator’s Startup School or Startup Onramp (or other curriculum based startup program).

The incubate program is a 7 week program on each wednesday including:

  • Group accountability and strategy sessions.
  • Group mentoring and education.
  • Weekly individual mentoring from Peter Laurie.
  • Individual to assist with setting up your digital branding with Brody Oxenham.
  • Individual mentoring to assist with navigating resources and or services available to help you launch your business (various mentors).
  • Individual pitch coaching and design support for decks for the final 5 teams.
  • Demo pitch event to pitch for investors, customers, cofounders.

The program is most suited to startups that are early-stage. We accept businesses that are just an idea through to those who feel a little stuck and need some assistance, accountability or support to get to the next stage of growth.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Intensive entrepreneur-focussed mentoring
  • Education targeted to your needs
  • Referrals and networks to take you to the next step 
  • Access to $5000 AWS activate credits 
  • Access to our founder wellbeing and mental health program 
  • Opportunity to pitch to investors and potential customers 
  • Opportunity to share in $3000 worth of prizes to help you to grow your startup ($1500 winner; $1000 runner-up; $500 – third)

Eligibility for the program:

To be eligible for this program, you need to be able to commit to the schedule and to your startup to achieve the goals you set at the start of the program. 


  • Available for intensive sessions each Wednesday:
    • 2 x 45 minute group sessions with Peter Laurie (8:00am and 5pm)
    • 1 x 30 minute individual session with Peter Laurie
  • Priority is given to startup teams with an office or link to Far North Queensland in the first instance, following this if space, places will be prioritised to Regional Australians.



    Jamieson Baker is a veteran software engineer, having spent almost two decades building applications on the Internet. Currently leading development and engineering at Sophus, Jamieson’s professional career spans roles in computer software, hardware, audio / visual production and IoT.

    He brings a wealth of experience in developing scalable technology solutions on a startup budget. Jamieson is available to talk about all things tech, and how to apply technology to their business and customer needs.


    Peter Laurie is the founder of Junta through which he participates heavily in the innovation ecosystem. A major role that he performs is interfacing between corporates and new ventures.

    Peter has coached and advised hundreds of startups and new ventures on how to innovate, implement, and deliver to both consumers and businesses. Peter is available to help founders and aspiring entrepreneurs with their ideas, startups or scale-ups and to overcome barriers that they face.


    Shaun Bassett is a partner at PieLAB Venture Partners, a VC firm that invests exclusively in Real Estate technology. Shaun has worked with thousands of businesses and founders on funding growth, improving financial health and capital structures.

    He has a passion for connecting people to drive outcomes and continued self-education. Shaun will be able to provide wisdom and mentorship from his experience and knowledge around investing for startups & tech companies. 



    QiHub is the Queensland Innovation Hub – an entrepreneur-led online community that showcases and connects Queensland’s vibrant innovation and startup ecosystem.

    Y(E)P is an entrepreneur-centred service with the objective of encouraging entrepreneurship and self employment in the Cairns and surrounding region.

    JCU Connect is a single point of contact for researchers, organisations and businesses seeking assistance with research, projects and bringing ideas alive.

    Startup Tablelands is a social enterprise to collaboratively create an organisation delivering programs that give Tablelanders an entrepreneurial mindset, skill set & opportunity.

    Innovate Incubator Hub is a collaborative environment that serves not only for professional needs, but also organically forms and nurtures a vibrant community.

    CQUniversity wants to change the world for the better – and through social innovation, our students, staff, academics, and communities are all driving the transformation.